PR Samples/Gifts: I've been blogging for over eight years now and as a result I am fortunate enough to receive PR samples and gifts from brands. However I'm rather picky and only accept samples from brands I would buy myself or have a genuine interest in. As a result the majority of items shown on Be.You.tiful are purchased with my own money, my bank balance (or lack of) provides evidence to support this.

When contacted by PR's I do not guarantee reviews of products - so everything you see is something that I genuinely love or think that you will benefit from - not something I feel obliged to feature. In the aim of transparency, it will always be marked with a "*"and "PR Sample/Gifted" at the end.

I truly aim to give you a clear and honest insight into the products I use and will only mention products if I like them, as I would never want anyone to waste their euros on something I wouldn't buy myself.

Sponsored Content: Sponsored posts may occasionally appear on Be.You.tiful, however these will always be clearly marked, again with a"*" and "Sponsored Post" at the end. This is a rarity and all posts will remain relevant, honest and be written by me, containing my own opinions unless stated otherwise.

With all sponsored content, I will only ever accept a brief that I feel fit with Be.You.tiful, and will never review something for the sake of it, no matter how much money is on the table.

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